Skill-Based-Matchmaking in Call of Duty: Warzone

Skill-Based-Matchmaking Warzone is controversial. The idea, however, is a good one. How exactly matchmaking works in Warzone is a mystery, but we’ll try to explain as good as we can how the system works.

Skill-Based-Matchmaking Warzone should ideally fill the lobbies as fast as possible with players who are all on a similar level. This should ensure fair matches. An algorithm checks on the basis of your K/D (Kill/Death Ratio) and other criteria, which are not yet so well known which players fit together. The Community of Call of Duty Warzone suspect that the K/D plays the biggest role here. So how many players someone kills and how many times you were eliminated yourself. The system uses the average K/D value of the individual players and teams in Warzone should lead to the fact that in the ideal case, you get opponents who have the same K/D value.
Kill streaks and headshots could also play a role.

But this is not known exactly except the developers of the game.
The exact details, according to which criteria the players are selected, are unfortunately not known. Here, the inventors of Call of duty are keeping a low profile and usually don’t want to reveal any details about skill-based matchmaking.

The basic intention behind skill-based matchmaking is good and understandable, but it still has a few gaps for many gamers. All in all, most of the community would like to see concrete information about Skill-Based-Matchmaking.

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