The Charity Cup

The Charity Cup process

Yesterday evening on 26.01.22 at 18 o’clock our Charity Cup has started. We have already written an article about the course of the tournament, which you can read on our website e-arenaa. The tournament was organized for little Lucy, who urgently needs an operation. In the Charity Cup process there were different athletes and streamers.

Preliminary round of the tournament

After the draw took place at 6pm, the eight different teams were determined. Team 1 was KayzahR and Julian Justvan. Team 2 was made up of CPentagon and Marius Wolf. In team 3 were Maxi and Julian Riedel. Team 4 was composed of ProErsiin and Phil Neumann. Team 5 included ShuKz and Sercan Sararer, who stood in for Niklas Süle. GustafGabel and Christian Eckerlin made up team 6. Satyr and Luca Marseiler formed team 7. NNeubi and Ryan Malone have formed team 8.

Rounds 1

In the first round, Team 1 and Team 8 met in which Team 8 advanced. Between Team 4 and Team 5, Team 4 advanced. In the game between Team 2 and Team 7, Team 7 advanced. In the last meeting between Team 3 and Team 6, Team 3 advanced.

Round 2

In the second round, Team 8 and Team 4 met in which Team 8 advanced. The second meeting was between Team 7 and Team 3 in which Team 7 won and advanced to the semifinals.

Semifinals and finals

In the semifinals, Team 8 and Team 7 met, in which Team 7 advanced to the finals. As there was a losing round in which Team 2 played their way to the final. In the final between Team 2 with Cpentagon and Marius Wolf and Team 7 with Satyr and Luca Marseiler. In the exciting final between the two teams, Team 7 won and thus won the E-arenaa X Luca Marseiler Charity Cup.

Donations for Lucy

At the end of the day, of course, it was all about donations for Lucy. Marius Wolf donated an amazing 1500 € and this is not the first time in all Charity Cups of he has always donated over 1000 € until now, which is not self-explanatory. A total of 4411 € was collected for Lucy thanks to all of you. We hope that we could help Lucy a little bit and we thank all of you who participated and donated. We are looking forward to the next Charity Cup from us. If you don’t want to miss anything, download our app and maybe you will be there next time.

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