changes in FIFA 22

These are possible changes in FIFA 22

EA will also make changes in FIFA 22 this year. In FIFA there are many different modes, especially we will talk about the coach career mode and the player career mode.

Changes in FIFA 22 Coach career mode

In the career mode there is also a change in FIFA 22 this year. Like every year EA tries to listen to the wishes of the GAMERS and to improve the next part. This year there are no changes in the game mechanics of the coach career. In general, there is no big change in the trainer career. Despite this, there is one major innovation. You can create your own team with your own crest, name, stadium. You also decide the overall ranking of your team, as well as your transfer budget, and you can then exchange your own club for another one. The transfer negotiations become even more lively with different sequences. Also in the game you will be shown various teeth from the dressing room.

The player career

In the player career there are also small changes in FIFA 22. You can also be substituted from the bench, which you couldn’t do before. Individual awards for top scorer or player of the month are shown with different sequences. Interactive conversations with other players are also shown so that you get a feeling of a professional. Your player can unlock Perks. Three of them can be equipped at the same time. Perks provide specific buffs like ball control shot and can also improve your teammates.

FIFA 22 is getting closer and closer and gives us more and more information about the game. We are curious what will be the next info that we get even hotter for FIFA 22. What do you think about the change for the career mode, would you like to see things added or would you rather wish away?

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