CoD: Warzone

Do I need Vanguard if I only play CoD: Warzone?

CoD: Warzone grows beyond itself at the beginning of December. On December 2nd, there will be a new map, fresh graphics and the anti-cheat system „RICOCHET“. All these new features are related to CoD: Vanguard, which has been on the market since November 5. Through Vanguard you have certain advantages for Warzone. But what if you only play Warzone? We will show you all the advantages and draw a comparison. In the end, we hope you can make up your mind!

What advantages do I have in CoD: Warzone through Vanguard?

First of all, you won’t have any disadvantages when it comes to gameplay-relevant content. All of the content that will be added to the game via Live Seasons over the next few months will be available to you in its entirety and free of charge. However, there are a few advantages that you can secure with the new CoD in Warzone:

  • Leveling the weapons
  • Practice battles
  • Caldera one day earlier
  • Operator
  • Exclusive cosmetic bundles
  • Zombie Camos

Call of Duty: Warzone without Vanguard

To get the full and ultimate gameplay experience in CoD: Warzone, it is not necessary to buy the new Vanguard. CoD: Vanguard simply gives you an extra on top. Still, even without it, you’ll have the full gameplay experience and access to all the later free expansions:

  • Live-Seasons & Battle Pass
  • 40 neue Waffen
  • Neue Map Caldera
  • Frische Spielmodi & Events
  • Anti-Cheat „RICOCHET“
  • Die neue Grafik

Vanguard gives you quite a few advantages in Warzone, but do you need the paid CoD for the Battle Royale? 

No, absolutely not.

If you’re more of a Battle Royale fan, Vanguard is a nice extra – but you’ll have to pay full price to get in. All important content is included in Warzone even without the new CoD. What do you think? Write us in the comments!

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